Monday, March 23, 2009

A little contest

Ok, fellow 5 Things Cooks. It's time for a little contest. Think for just a second of that recipe. The never-fail dish you always fall back on when you need to cook unexpectedly for a large group, or it's too late to run to the store and you need to make something. The recipe you know off the top of your head that tastes good and is super quick to throw together. I know you all have at least one!

I have an extra copy (used) of Mary Ellen's Best of Helpful Hints book that I'd love to giveaway in exchange for your recipe ideas. All you need to do is email your recipes to <>. Send as many as you want! Each recipe counts as one entry, so the more you send, the better your chances of winning this amazing book.

Want more chances to win? Get one extra entry for following my blog (post a comment letting me know).

Hopefully you've had a chance to try some of the recipes you've found here! I know it's been good for me to find new recipes and try new things in order to post them here, so hopefully it's been useful for you as well.

What recipes have you tried? What have you liked best? What would you like more of? Vote on the poll in the sidebar and let me know! (post a comment letting me know you voted and you'll get ANOTHER entry!)

Giveaway ends March 31, 2009 at 12 pm MDT. Winner will be picked by from all the comments and recipes received. Make sure you leave me a way to contact you!


SamwisezBrown said...

Sam Brown, I voted and I follow your blog :) I love reading the good ideas you have. I only wish my husband was into sweets so I could try some of those desserts.

matt and rach said...

I emailed you the receipe for Cheesy Mostaccioli. I follow your blog and voted! My husband and I LOVED the Lettuce Wraps with the extra sacue from the Thai Peanut Chiken!