Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keeping Food Fresh!

I have a wonderful book called "Mary Ellen's Helpful Hints" that covers topics from stain removal (getting anything out of just about any material!) to food preparation and everything in between.

She includes some great tips for keeping food fresh!

Toss freshly peeled bananas in lemon juice and they won't darken. If they've already darkened, peel and beat slightly. Put into a plastic container and freeze until you have enough bananas and time to bake bread, cake, muffins, etc.

If your bread dries out or gets stale before you use it, or you want to stock up while it's on sale but won't use it all right away, put a rib of celery into the bag--it will keep it fresh and appropriately moist!

Cottage cheese will keep twice as long if you store it upside down in the fridge.

Press a piece of waxed paper against the surface of your ice cream after it's been opened to prevent freezer burn or film.

Lettuce and celery keep longer if stored in paper bags in the fridge instead of the cellophane ones.

Lining the vegetable drawer of the fridge with paper towels will keep all of your fruits and vegetables fresher longer!

Before opening a can of soup, shake well and open it at the bottom end instead of the top. The soup will slide out nicely.

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