Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 ingredient specials!

Ok, here are two of my favorite recipes, both of which had three ingredients (or less)!

Crock-pot Chicken Salsa
(lemon slice or lemon juice if you REALLY feel domestic)

Spray crock-pot for easy clean up.
Add bite size pieces uncooked chicken
Cover with salsa (about 3/4 a jar for a few pounds of chicken)
Add lemon if you're feeling up to it/have it around
Cook on high 3-4 hours

Best served over rice. Salad is a good side if you have it. Serves groups large or small depending on how much chicken you add.

bonus: Makes the house smell fabulous! Also, very easy to remember by the descriptive title.

The other three ingredient special is also served over rice, so I sometimes make these in the same week and just make lots of rice the first time (I consider a rice-cooker an essential gadget).

Thai Peanut Chicken
chicken, small breasts work best
peanut sauce mix (check the asian section of the grocery store)
1 can coconut milk (also in the asian section)

Preheat to 375
Place chicken in glass casserole dish
Whisk together peanut sauce (usually comes with 2 packets, I use one unless I'm in the mood for serious spice!) and coconut milk. Pour over chicken.
Cover with tin foil, bake for 1-1.5 hours.

Serving depends on amount of chicken, can go farther if you stir-fry or steam vegetables as well. Most gourmet when served with cooked carrots and dished over fresh spinach leaves (found by the salad-in-a-bag in any grocery store). Great for entertaining because it's Thai and different from traditional dinner.

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